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This stunning, one of a kind Hummingbird Pin is crafted in 18k gold and is adorned with white, yellow, and pink diamonds. Diamonds= 3.47 ctw A little birdie told us that when a hummingbird shows up in your life, it may remind you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and take time to enjoy yourself! Call us today for price inquiries

Why electroclean?

Electrocleaning before plating is necessary to remove oils, grease, rouge, passive oxide films, and other surface contaminants left over from the manufacturing and polishing processes.

Electrocleaning jewelry utilizes a heated alkaline solution, low voltage direct elect current and a stainless steel anode. The piece to be cleaned is connected to the cathode side (-) of the rectifier giving it a negative charge, using a stainless steel anode connected to the positive (+) lead of the rectifier, low voltage current is applied producing hydrogen at the cathode through electrolysis.

The hydrogen bubbles scrub the piece and the contaminants are dissolved into the solution.  (Note: Spring steel can be embrittled by hydrogen so an alternative process my be necessary.)

This process is followed by a thorough rinse in clean deionized (or distilled) water followed by a 20-30 second acid dip.  The acid removes film left behind by the alkaline cleaner and activates the surface for plating. A simple and effective acid dip can be prepared using Sparex ® at 2.5 ounces per quart or 70 grams per liter (one-quarter it’s recommended pickling strength).  And remember, NEVER steam a piece during the cleaning process.

electro-spar-tivaThe acid dip is then followed by a 2nd distilled water rinse to remove the acid before plating. (A double rinse is recommended if plating with a cyanide based solution.) The acid dip, also called neutralization, prevents the drag out of the electrocleaner into the plating solution, avoiding contamination and prolonging the life and quality of the plating solution. This also “activates” the surface of the metal prior to plating.

The rinse water should not bead on the piece after activation. Water should sheet off the piece.  Any beading indicates an incomplete cleaning process.  If beading occurs, repeat the electrocleaning steps above, change to a fresh electrocleaning solution, or consider using a different electrocleaner.

Electroplating is a process where each step reliant on the prior step, and is necessary to consistent and quality plating.

two stone ring

Two Stone Ring

The premise behind the two stone ring is not only thoughtful, but a beautiful representation of the love shared between two people. To honor that special person, a stone is dedicated to them and placed alongside your stone. The two stones are set in the center of a bypass ring enhancing the idea that nothing will obstruct the love you share. What a wonderful way to honor someone who means the world to you. Come style your own designer ring with us and choose the stones that mean the most to you!


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Sapphires for September!

Sapphire, the stone of September! Did you know sapphire’s are available in a range of colors? Let your creativity inspire you!

Website Launch Event

Join us for the month of August to officially launch our website bdwholesalejewelry.com.  To thank our customers we are giving away a Free Triplet Loupe with any online order of $50 or more, just use coupon code: triplet at checkout.


Sparex’s unique blend of ingredients make it the bench jeweler’s favorite pickle. Blended with extenders and wetting agents, Sparex is longer lasting and more effective than stand dry acid compounds. It minimizes hazards, over-pickling and pitting, producing a smooth, clean, bright surface.

Sparex No.2 is formulated for pickling gold, silver, brass, and other copper based alloys.

Sparex No.1’s added chemistry help it neutralize iron oxides when pickling iron and steel.  Historically, it has been used mainly by repair and restoration shops in the gun and auto industries. However, due to the shift into alternative metals, Sparex No.1 is becoming increasingly popular within the jewelry and hobby industries.

10 ounces of Sparex mixes with water to make one quart of solution. The 2.5 pound size makes a gallon.  Sparex No.1 is available in 2.5 pound cans. Sparex No.2 is available in 10 ounce and 2.5 pound bags. Both are available in 45 pound pails.

Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 620

An affordable, entry-level desktop USB model, featuring Seiko Instruments’ ultra-reliable direct thermal printer technology. Perfect for everyday label printing needs. Fast print speed, less than 2 sec. per label. 200 DPI. Dimensions 5.83″(H) x 4.48″(W) x 6.77″(D); 1.08 lbs For Windows and Mac (USB connection, 110/220 univ. power supply; Supports multiple label sizes up to 2-1/8” wide. 3-year warranty.

*Comes with a starter pack of jewelry/butterfly labels.

Flex Shaft

Breakthrough technology in a flexible shaft from Grobet USA.
Economical workhorse unit that’s ideal for precision work. Excellent for finishing, polishing, adding textures, and reaching small spaces as well as delicate areas.
Perfect for mandrels, drill bits, and more!
Ball-bearing motor runs smoothly, requires no lubrication.